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IT Networks, Security Systems and Computer Hardware is where we thrive!  

Design & Deployment Services

What We Do
IT Network infrastructure

Bring your network to life, new installation or troubleshooting we gotcha

Surveillance Security - CCTV

Monitor now !!! your property and operations

Intrusion Detection Security - Alarms

Build a proactive defense & secure property and operations

Access Control

Control the flow, attendance and access privileges of all employees and entry points 

VPN / Remote Access

Avoid costly solutions for your remote employees (Anydesk, etc) and work from any location secure & hassle free


You have a scenario that needs some kind of automation through sensors, CCTV or access control lets figure it out


How we can Help
Our Framework

If you experience problems or malfunction with your hardware or installation we are able to assist either by remote support or on-site support.
Day to day problems with your workstations hardware might occur due to corrupted drivers, misconfigurations or outdated windows installations.
Network lag and instabilities may occur from an unsuspected loop, cabling issues, hardware fault or just poor power delivery which we may investigate and troubleshoot   

Remote Support

By giving as access to your PC we are able to troubleshoot and fix most of the issues a user experience. Ask for support NOW

On-site support

Contact us to arrange an on-site support survey. Our technicians we be able to assist you on any hardware related issues you might experience to your business.


How it works

Design & Deployment steps
Network - CCTV - Intrusion Detection
Share your needs
Define problems that needs to be solved...

Contact us via email or telephone and and lets define the type of solution you need, either new network infrastructure, CCTV system or Intrusion detection - Alarm.

Begin development
Our IT team will start investigate...

...present hardware that might be useful, cable planning new hardware needs, and present you with a first draft of your tailored solution.

Provide feedback
There might be adjustments...

...due to financial costs or evolving requirements etc.
After finalizing adjustments and updates we set the project's delivery schedule.

Installation & testing
Hardware logistics, gather assembly and...

...we begin installation as scheduled, testing and certification in all steps of the process is a essential !!!

Distinction of zero and HERO!...

We are able to provide equitable monitoring to assure the wellbeing of any installation and take proactive measures.

Contact Details

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